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In this economy … EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR “GREAT DEAL$” so that they can $AVE on goods and services that they are interested buying!

Enter a burgeoning NEW market phenomenon … known as Group Buying (also known as Social Buying or Collective Buying). This marketplace did not exist prior to 2009. However, it is EXPLODING! In the U.S. gross revenues across the industry were at $1.1 billion in 2010. In 2011, the estimated U.S. gross revenues are predicted to grow 138 percent to $2.7 billion.

Group Buying is powerful because is consists of like-minded consumers that join forces (using a number of strategies) to get GREAT DISCOUNT$ that might not otherwise achieved on their own. Group buying is similar to a cooperative, where informal groups organize and buy directly from a wholesaler (in this case local businesses).

For the consumer … the temptation of a GREAT DISCOUNT is too much to resist which is why group buying is becoming vastly popular worldwide … and consumers are lining up to take advantage of GREAT DEALS$ from their favorite Local Businesses!

For the local business owner … offering a GREAT DISCOUNT is a powerful way to attract new customers and “wow” them with your goods and services. This also gives them a foundation on which to build a long-term relationship (with their new-found customers).

The group buying trend is a break from traditional forms of advertising for local business owners. Instead of paying upfront for publicity, they can offer GREAT DISCOUNT$ instead to promote their business. Consumers often cannot resist the temptation of a GREAT DISCOUNT which is why group buying is becoming vastly popular worldwide … and consumers are signing up to take advantage of GREAT DEALS$ from their favorite Local Businesses!

For the Affiliate … this is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to bring consumers and local businesses closer together:

  • Consumers want to find ways to $AVE.
  • Businesses want to find ways to ATTRACT and RETAIN customers.

As an Affiliate … you can create WIN … WIN … WIN situation for consumers, businesses and yourself!

Group Buying sites like Groupon, Living Social and Double Take Deals are leading the growth of this new marketplace. However, there is a new major player in this arena … that is poised to revolutionize the industry.

Some of the fundamental flaws in the current “Group Buying” business model are:

  • Lack of targeting – everybody in a given area (city) gets a broadcast of the same DEAL$ (whether or not they are interested in the DEAL$ of the DAY!). Customers do not have a way to specify the preferences or “follow” their favorite businesses or market categories (e.g., food, travel, sports, etc.)
  • Businesses get limited opportunity– to participate in the DEAL of the DAY. It is very competitive and it could take a long time to get their DEAL features as a DEAL of the DAY.
  • Businesses do not have the option – to create and maintain a long term relationship with the new customer that they attract with their GREAT DEAL$!
  • Affiliates can become the “match maker” and benefit from all the transactions that result from that “match-up” … long-term … recurring!

Daily Referral is launching a “second generation” Group Buying business model that put the power of choice and flexibility in the hands of both the consumers and the businesses. Consumers can be selective and specify their preferences for DEAL$ that they are truly interested in purchasing. Businesses can create a variety of DEAL$ that best fits their goals and desired results.

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Consider These Important Economic Facts …

  • 74% of American adults are online! -Pew Research Center
  • 67% of Americans online will buy something there in 2011. -Forrester Research
  • 28% of Americans employed full-time are looking for a second job.
  • At age 65, 45% of the population is dependent on relatives
  • 475,000 people join the home-based business revolution per week. -Direct Selling Association
  • 60 million people worldwide join the home-based business revolution. -Direct Selling Association
  • 20 million people will join the home-based business revolution in the next 10 years. – Direct Selling Association
  • 82 million Americans will be using tablets by 2015.
    -Forrester Research

Discover How You Can ... Benefit As An Affiliate