Daily Referral … Leverages the power of Group Buying and “Word-of-Mouth Referrals” … to offer consumers the BEST Deal$ … that they are truly interested in!

Chances are … you (or someone you know) are familiar with a group buying site such as Groupon or Living Social.

The Power of Group Buying

Group Buying or Social Shopping is the latest and rapidly expanding trend for internet buying. Group buying works as follows:

  • Group Buying sites have a large (and rapidly expanding) list of registered and proven buyers who are looking for GREAT DEAL$.
  • Group Buying sites will leverage the potential buying power of their “proven buyers list” to get merchants to offer deep discounts to acquire new buying customers.
  • Group Buying Sites pools together deals from wide variety of business including restaurants, spa services, museums and many other service related goods and services.
  • Deals will usually range from 50% off or more.
  • Therein lies the power and leverage of group buying.

The Consumer Advantage

As a consumer, you simply sign up to receive an email notification of the deals. You can decide whether you want to take advantage of the deal or not … there is no obligation to buy.You are taking advantage of buying products and services your would normally buy at a fraction of the retail price.

Think of Group Buying this way … if you are a coupon clipper then think of group buying the biggest coupon you have ever clipped from a newspaper.

The Market Trend For Group Buying

Social Media has added a new dimension to “word-of-mouth referrals”. As you and your friends and family “socialize” via social meadia site … you often share “the news” about the GREAT deals that you just found and took advantage of.

Over that last year or two, Social Media has exploded the popularity of Group Buying sites (like Groupon and Living Social). Everybody LOVES a GREAT deal and the news about the GREAT deals being offered on these site tends to spread rapidly and virally.

The EXCITING New Opportunity

Wouldn’t it be great if a social media site could be combined wih a group buying site? So as you are offered a great deal, you can purchase it right then and there and tell all your friends about it at the same time. And while you are at it why don’t you ask the merchant when and if they will be offering this deal again or if they have any other deals. How about taking advantage of deals while you are out of town and not just receiving local deals? Well, I think

Timing and Positioning IS EVERYTHING!

This concept combines the social aspect of places like Facebook and Twitter with sites like Groupon and Living Social.

Daily Referral is poised to revolutionize this NEW burgeoning marketplace.

You can benefit in multiple ways:

ConsumersSIGN UP NOW to be first in line for GREAT DEAL$

BusinessesSIGN UP NOW and start building your FREE Storefront. Promote your business FOR FREE. GET READY FOR NEW CUSTOMERS!

AffiliatesSIGN UP NOW to position yourself to start earning long-term recurring commissions!


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