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_______ is proud to feature Daily Referral – an innovative new web-portal that leverages the power of online group buying, “word-of-mouth” referrals, the speed of electronic communications and the revolution of social networking … to connect consumers to their favorite local businesses … who are offering GREAT DEAL$!

The Discount DEAL$ marketplace is experiencing meteoric growth. This is due to the popularity of Group Buying sites like Groupon, Living Social and Double Take Deals.

This phenomenon (also known as Online Group Buying), is in its infancy. JP Morgan Chase estimate that Groupon and Living Social had about a 10% market penetration (12/1210).

The Discount Deal$ (aka Group Buying) concept is a simple yet extremely powerful concept. Group Buying leverages the power of consumers banding together to get FANTASTIC DISCOUNTS for businesses. Businesses LOVE Group Buying because it allows them to introduce their business to lots of new customers.

In spite of the popularity of these “first generation” Group Buying sites, they have many limitations. However, there is a new kid on the block (Daily Referral) and Daily Referral is poised to revolutionize this new burgeoning marketplace.

Daily Referral is taking the best of these first generation programs and is tailoring the “Second Generation of Group Buying Service” to better serve the needs of both consumers and businesses.

Daily Referral helps consumers save up to 50% or more on deals from local businesses.

Daily Referral helps businesses market their products and services more effectively to qualified “targeted” buyers.

It’s a revolution and Daily Referral is FAST becoming …
“The Talk Of The Town”!

  • Consumers simply sign-up for FREE email and text alerts. They create a “Buying Profile” based on the DEAL$ they are really interested in and are ready to purchase. (Your Privacy Is Protected. NO SPAMMING).
  • Consumers actively stay connected by “following” the businesses and DEAL$ they “like” resulting in mutually beneficial relationships!
  • Businesses market online for FREE and have the FLEXIBILITY to customize DEAL$ to match their Targeted Response Volume and desired Profit Margin!

Daily Referral is taking a very different approach to how online deals are structured and how the overall Group Buying process is conducted.


  1. With the current approach that both Groupon and Living Social are using, when an individual signs up as a customer, they are only able to enter a limited amount of profile information (e.g,., gender and zip code).
  2. This is extremely limited and does not allow for any targeted filtering of the deals that you receive. For example, if you are a 35 year old male, these services do not recognize this simple criterion and that you most likely won’t be interested in a deal for Bikini Wax; or that a twenty year old female, may not want Shaving Cream deals.
  3. The current Group Buying services are excellent at displayed deals, however, they both can miss the mark on targeting based on the specific consumer interest and criteria. As a result, this may not benefit the businesses that are offering the deals and the consumer looking for good deals.

Daily Referral is taking the best of these first generation programs and is tailoring the “Second Generation of Group Buying Service” to better serve the needs of both consumers and businesses.

Here’s how …

How Daily Referral Will Help Consumers …


The major differences that consumers will appreciate include:

  1. Consumers will be able to build a personal profile that better represent their specific interest and selection criteria. As a result consumers will only be sent the deals that they are really interested and more importantly that they are ready to purchase. For example, a 25 year old female, may only want deals on Exercise, Beauty Care, Spa, and Travel and a mom may only want deals for Dining, Entertainment, and Family Activities, etc.
  2. Secondly, consumers will be also to “follow” their favorite businesses and deals that they “like”, thereby, creating loyalty, repeat buying, and overall longer-term mutually beneficial relationships.
  3. Consumers will also be able to indicate in their profile, the cities that they are interested in receiving deals from.
  4. Consumers will be able to track their favorite businesses and request text alerts from them for immediate specials.
  5. A major new feature that will be introduced is the ability to get access to a section called “My Garage”. In this new section consumers will be able to offer items to other consumers similar to the Craigslist and EBay model.
  6. Lastly, one of the most powerful features that Daily Referral will offer consumers is the ability to make their own “Online Word-of-Mouth Referrals and Reviews/Recommendations” regarding businesses and deals that they like … to their “social networks (friends, family and associates).
  7. Daily Referral will also allow consumer to get their deals for FREE! It will work as follows … when you buy a deal all you have to do is refer that deal to your social network (e.g., friends, family and associates via Facebook or email) and when three other people purchase that deals (based on your referral) … you will get your deals FREE (refunded)!

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How Daily Referral Will Help Businesses …


Many businesses have reported great short term success with site like Groupon and Living Social. However, these businesses are at the mercy of the services because they have a very limited opportunity as to how often they can run deals. And, there is usually a mandatory 50% off (discount) on all deals in order to be included in the offer pool.

  1. The hard reality is that in this economy, many businesses cannot always offer that big of a discount based on their margins.
  2. Another major limitation is that businesses well may have to wait up to a year to do another deal. This can be extremely frustration and not optimal because business don’t really have any control and flexibility over the process.

The Key Benefits and Advantage of Daily Referral are …

  1. Daily Referral puts the control of the advertising process, budget and frequency back into the hands of the business owner.
  2. Businesses sign up for FREE and they receive a professionally built storefront (tailor-able to match their current website). They can upload photos, logo, and graphics; hours of operations; business and services descriptions, menus, etc. … FREE!
  3. A powerful option is that business will also have direct contact with consumers, and have the ability to directly share information with potential customers via that business’s Facebook page, email and other methods such a mobile text messages, etc..
  4. The business also controls the amount of the discount and the frequency they want to runs promotions.

Overall, Daily Referral’s new/next generation Online Group Buying service will offer a more targeted fine-tuned marketing engine that will be mutually beneficial to both consumers and business.

After a business signs up, a Daily Referral marketing representative will work with that business to advise and assist with the development of the business’s Storefront, outline a marketing program, ad copy and with structuring of the deals that best suits that business.

It is the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY advertise (FOR FREE) and promote, expose and brand your business on the Internet.

Since the value is provided to both the businesses and the consumers … Everyone WINS!

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